Heidi Mayne / Owner

Hiedi Mayne  / Red25 EventsHeidi has always been an entrepreneur…and has always like the color red. After graduation from USC’s School of Business as an entrepreneur major in 1996, she went to Las Vegas with her girlfriends. Not being a gambler, her friends encouraged her to place at least one bet. Approaching a roulette table, she put $20 down on Red25…and won. While that wasn’t the birth of red25events, she did choose to call upon that “good luck” 10 years later when she started the company. Heidi’s interest in event planning began at USC as a Student Event Coordinator, producing events for the President, Trustees, and Board of Directors. After graduation, she learned the industry on a broader scale through a number of positions at 4-star hotels, followed by a Catering Manager position with West Coast Productions in Orange County. When she returned to Los Angeles, she spent four years working as Lead Event Producer with Jeffrey Best/Best Events, producing movie premieres and high end/celebrity weddings. She then spent another four years as Lead Event Producer with Marianne Weiman-Nelson/Special Occasions, specializing in destination events while also building her own clientele. With a little luck and loyal clients, red25events opened its doors in 2006 and has been going strong ever since. As a company, we work everywhere and love to travel. We’ll go anywhere! Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Napa, and Orange County have become a specialty…but we’re happy right here in Los Angeles too. Most of all, we enjoy and look forward to working with fun, creative, fantastic clients!